CSIR NET Life Sciences Syllabus

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and University Grant Commission (UGC) are holding National Eligibility Test for Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and Lectureship.
The question paper shall be divided into three parts, (A, B & C) as per syllabus & scheme of exam.
Part-A: Shall be common to all subjects including Engineering Sciences. This part shall contain questions pertaining to General Aptitude with emphasis on logical reasoning, graphical analysis, analytical and numerical ability, quantitative comparison, series formation, puzzles etc.
In Engineering Sciences, Part B shall contain questions pertaining to Mathematics & Engineering Aptitude & Part C shall contain subject related multiple choice questions (MCQs), generally covering the topics in the syllabus.
And for other disciplines:
Part-B:  Shall contain subject-related conventional Multiple Choice questions (MCQs), generally covering the topics given in the syllabus.
Part-C: Shall contain higher value questions that may test the candidate knowledge of scientific concepts and/or application of the scientific concepts. The questions shall be of analytical nature where a candidate is expected to apply the scientific knowledge to arrive at the solution to the given scientific problem.
Note: Negative marking for wrong answers, wherever required, shall be applicable as per scheme of Exam
Syllabus : Click on the Following Link to Download the 13 Pages Syllabus of
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